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Green Co Holding will ensure that all branded goods are under a 1-3 year warranty cover that are sold on our websites following purchase. This will not cover any external damage to the product itself.

If you are Singapore based, you can look forward to product delivery, and if any issues arise during the period of warranty support we will pick up and return your timepiece after giving it whatever professional attention is required. Our servicing team will do their utmost to make repairs during the warranty period, whether you’re in Singapore or further afield.

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Green Co Holding warranty does not provide cover for damage resulting from water or moisture. Moreover, the warranty does not cover the damage to watch cases, crystals, bezels, straps, clasps or any physical impairment to the watches sold on our site. Any watches sold by us will not be covered if they had been services or repaired by third parties as this will void and null the warranty.

Furthermore, excessive wear and tear and not following manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines on water resistance watched will also not be covered under our warranty. Accidental damages by third parties is not covered under our warranty.

  • Excessive wear and tear as a result of daily use.
  • Dropping the watches or causing physical impairment to the screws, crystal, glass, case, finishes or any other external damage to the product.
  • Defects caused by outside force or improper use. ANY such incidental damages which occur by dropping or banging the timepiece.
  • Loss or damage to any of the stones or gems in the watch face.
  • Outside modifications and third party repair attempts will void the warranty.
  • Any damage if used under conditions which exceed the watch manufacturer’s water resistance guidelines.
  • Water damage is not covered under the warranty by Green Co Holding nor any manufacturer.